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Are you ready for online coaching?

Healthier, Stronger, Leaner, Happier

Here's the thing with being fit... getting in your best shape won't be easy, but it's also not as difficult as many would believe - the problem many have is not the effort required but where that effort goes knowing exactly what to do to get results.


From our years of experience and knowledge, results and observations, it's clear that knowing exactly what to do to get results is the biggest obstacle most people face; and It's no wonder why... there is a mind- boggling amount of fitness information across the Internet. Some of it is gold, most of it is not; and one can waste a lot of time trying to make sense of it all (We've been there!).


The Fit for Purpose coaching service takes out all the nonsense and guesswork. No fad diets or whacky fitness trends, we show you exactly what to do, with guidance and support every step of the way. Yes there are numerous variabilities depending on the individual, but that is what makes our coaching services personal to you.


Online coaching - What do you get?


We customise and optimise everything to suit you - your training protocol, exercises best suited to you, diet and nutrition strategy - everything is tailored to you and your lifestyle.

Of course there are some necessary lifestyle changes in order to succeed, but together with your commitment and consistency we will create the enviroment and guarantee you will achieve your fitness goals.


You will receive weekly feedback and guidance from us covering every key fundamental, including training and nutrition adjustments, as well an continuous support and communication from us via our Coaching App, Email, Zoom and WhatsApp where you'll also be able ask any questions you might have.


How to get started and how much does it cost? 


First we require you to complete our questionnaire which can be found by clicking the Online Coaching button below. Once this is completed this will take you to a payment page where you follow instructions to make a payment.

For new clients the initial one off payment is £199 - this includes the sign up process and is valid for the first 8 weeks of coaching. The monthly fee after 8 weeks is £149.50 (£34.50 per week)


After the initial payment is made, one of our coaches will contact you to conduct a consultation video to discuss your start date and information included on the submitted questionnaire.


Subsequently, you will be invited to the Fit For Purpose coaching app and WhatsApp support group and your bespoke training and nutrition plan will be created within 5 working days and available to view on the coaching app.

Other Coaching Options & E-Books

 Fit For Purpose Coaching also offers coaching in London and an E-Book for healthy meal plans.

Eva sat in the gym

Our Team

Nando Magalhaes
“All I can say that in weeks I see my body changing and I felt great. I'm 51 years old and my goal is to live a long and healthy life and for that you have to exercise, eat a balanced diet, rest and enjoy life."

Nando Magalhaes

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