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Fit For Purpose Coaching

Evidence Based Fitness Coaching

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Let's get down to basics

Tired of all the confusing and conflicting fitness information out there and just want to know exactly what to do to get results?


You've come to the right place. Based in London, Fit For Purpose Coaching Ltd is here to make you fit for whatever your purpose is. This could be improving your overall health, aesthetically to look good naked, reducing body fat, building muscle, increasing strength/mobility for your sporting goals or hobbies, or simply and most importantly having more vitality for your family and general daily life. 

The Fit For Purpose Coaching Team

We understand the daily struggles and obstacles that life dishes out, and combined with over 25 years of training experience we will show you how to optimise and apply everything needed to achieve results, whilst not only enjoying life but improving it at the same time!

Our training programs are not one size fits all plans - There are key fundamentals essential to success that apply to everyone, but you can be assured all aspects are tailored to fit your life to facilitate your goal.

Samantha Schonenberger
“When I first came to Eva 3 years ago, I wanted to gain some muscle mass. She helped me achieve that and educate me on how to do it. What I didn’t realise she would also do is believe in me, encourage me and give me the confidence to compete in a body building competition and pursue a career in fitness myself."

Samantha Schonenberger

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Before embarking on your fitness journey...

Our fitness coaching programs will guide and teach you all you need to know to achieve your fitness goals. We provide continuous support through a Coaching App, Email, WhatsApp, Zoom, Facebook, and one to one, we also have a thriving group chat where you will find all sorts of fitness related topics such as training tips, recipes and more. 

The fundamental key to all fitness goals is a commitment to consistency and a willingness to implement lifestyle changes that facilitate your goal. By no means does this mean living like an unsocial monk but there is a baseline requirement in order for us to succeed together as a team.

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Based in Battersea, London

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